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Cancer is a complex, complicated condition. So if you have a cancer diagnosis, you want as many people as possible working together to treat you. That’s why tumor boards exist. Tumor board is a treatment planning approach in which a number of doctors who are experts in different specialties (disciplines) review and discuss the medical condition and treatment options of a patient. The board’s goal is to determine the best possible cancer treatment and care plan for an individual patient. In cancer treatment, a tumor board review may include that of a medical oncologist (who provides cancer treatment with drugs), a surgical oncologist (who provides cancer treatment with surgery), and a radiation oncologist (who provides cancer treatment with radiation).

A patient may appear to be ideal for radiation and chemotherapy. But when the board reviews the case, the approach might change for various reasons. The oncologist diagnoses if the patient is a good candidate for chemotherapy or not. The psychologist know that the patients has no way to get back and forth to radiation treatments. Surgeons may recognise and perform the required treatment without impacting the functioning of the infectious site. Depending on the cases being discussed, additional doctors, such as gynaecologists, plastic surgeons, or urologists, may also participate.

A diverse range of other health care providers, including nurse specialists and social workers, may take part as well who can determine the best way to implement the treatment plan designed specifically for you.. Specialists such as radiologists and pathologists gather and evaluate a wide variety of information that influences your diagnosis and treatment. While medical records contain a lot of information, the specialists benefit from hearing what the attending doctors think about your condition.

Attending doctors can also get the specialists’ advice and perspectives. The face-to-face discussions at a tumor board help everyone on your cancer care team learn more details about your case. By working together, the team can evaluate all of the options that may improve your treatment’s effectiveness. A patient’s privacy is always honoured. Only people who need to be involved in your care take part in the discussion. Sometimes, a tumor board reviews all cancer cases when treatment planning starts. In others, the tumor board focuses on cases for which a doctor seeks input from the other doctors on a patient’s team. You have the right to be an active, informed participant in your care. Boards may consider all kinds of tumors, including breast and lung.

Another benefit of a tumor board includes that the entire team on the tumor board learns a lot about different kinds of treatment, advanced knowledge is truly shared. It also satisfies the patient that a whole group of people are giving intensive care to their treatment