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Max Oncology Care aims on delivering world-class cancer treatment, preventative measures, early detection processes, comprehensive education and research, as well as facilitating the comfort and quality of life concerning both the individual and the family throughout the whole cancer trajectory

Cancer Care in Chandigarh

Welcome to Max Oncology Care

Max Oncology Care has remained a leading center of excellence for cancer care within the region since opening. Through an integrated program and a passionate team led by Certified Oncologists and Hematologists, the Max Oncology Care provides City Beautiful – Chandigarh with premium healthcare solutions. Educating the wider population and engaging in cutting-edge scientific exploration of new ways to deter cancer is of the highest priority. Our team of oncologists ensure all those who are at risk and affected by cancer have access to the highest quality care available.

As a multidisciplinary hospital, Max Oncology Care features a scope of services that cater to the intricate needs of both adults and paediatric patients of Chandigarh, Mohali and neighbouring cities, throughout the entire journey of their recovery.  We treat different forms of cancer with prostate, lung, colorectal, liver and stomach most commonly affecting men and women more typically contracting types such as breast, lung, cervix and stomach cancer.

A team of oncologists work side by side with a team of doctors and sub-specialists to determine the most appropriate treatment options. Our multidisciplinary meetings ultimately allow teams to devise the most comprehensive and effective treatment plan for each individual patient.

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Team of Experts

With decades of experience and expertise in cutting-edge oncology, our team offers comprehensive care, with commitment and an indomitable spirit. We have best minds in Cancer Care to discuss and deliberate the emerging trends in this field and their impact on clinical practice.

Dr. Gautam Goyal

Dr. Gautam Goyal is a lead consultant for the Medical & Hemato-Oncology at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali. Dr. Goyal trained in MD (Internal Medicine) from CSMMU (KGMC), Lucknow before initiating his career in Hemato-Oncology. He completed his DM (Medical Oncology) from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and is ECMO (ESMO Certified Medical Oncologist).

Dr. Ritesh Pruthy

With vast experience of 12 years & work in the prestigious TMH, Mumbai for over 5 years, he is widely appreciated for his clinical judgement, operative skills and state of art care for patients with all types and stages of cancer. His main area of interest includes breast cancer with breast conservation surgeries and oncoplasty.

We care about you

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Screening & Detection

Our oncology and hematology unit is the expert provider of wellness packages for men and women.  We recommend that men & women both should engage in regular check-ups after the age of 50. Similarly, if a history of cancer exists, then earlier screening is advised.

Prevention of disease

Between 30-50% of all cancer cases are preventable. Prevention offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer. Like we mentioned, at Max Oncology Care, disease prevention is an extremely high priority.

Better Cancer Care

With enhanced supportive care interventions, preventative measures and control activities, we have found a positive correlation between cancer survival rates and the development of effective treatment approaches.

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